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These motions listed below are not silver bullets. They are as far as we went to win these cases. You will want to quote the rules from your own state if they work for you. You will want to argue the important facts in your case. You may need to do some research regarding your particular traffic ticket and the case law regarding that ticket. The important cases are found in the annotated codes and rules of court for your state. Sometimes there is a code of criminal procedure for your state. Also, keep in mind that under the constitution article IV, section 2, you are guaranteed equal protection from state to state. This means, in my opinion, that a state may not diminish your procedural rights by the use of mean spirited rules of procedure.

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People all across this country are seeing their rights being taken away from them. Our totalitarian government has by stealthy encroachment taken away our most basic rights. It sells them back to us as driver licenses and permits.

Here is a list of winning pro se litigants and their winning papers.

You can also use the search box to find my winning briefs on any subject at

1.            Driving without any license. Rancher/ Activist Richard Wilson of Linn County, Kansas , is Star Litigator of the Year for 2007. He is also our Star Political Activist for 2008 because he got his own candidate elected for sheriff ! His story began on the day after Christmas in 2006. It took 16 months for Richard to win this case. Richard won. Richard was coming home from a meeting of the County Commissioners. The cop who stopped Richard had also been at the political meeting. The cop was Deputy Filla. He and Richard were political adversaries. Their was no probable cause for the traffic stop. The stop was classic section 1983 abuse of power. As a pretext the cop said that he suspected that Richard had no driver license. However, the cop did not bother to use his radio to see if Richard Wilson had a license. The cop arrested Wilson. Wilson’s wife bailed him out of jail. Wilson called me. I wrote papers for Wilson. The trial judge ruled in Wilson’s favor on 29 April of 2008. Click on the link to read what the judge wrote: and The judge ruled that Wilson indeed did not have a driver license - but he had a perfect driving record. Nonetheless the cop failed to inquire before arresting Wilson. Therefore the arrest was illegal. The judge ruled that all evidence must be stricken. The judge ruled that the case must be dismissed. In the November 2008 November election Wilson campaigned against candidate Deputy Filla who was running for sheriff there in Linn County, Kansas. Wilson's candidate beat Filla by 80 votes in a county where around 6000 people vote. Losing candidate Filla is the deputy who stopped Driver Wilson on 26 December 2006 as Wilson drove away from a county commissioner’s meeting regarding another local election which found Deputy Filla and Driver Wilson on opposite sides. The local newspaper refused to run Driver Wilson's campaign ad. Driver Wilson printed his own fliers and telephoned around 80 people personally. Deputy Filla is retired military. He is age 60 and gets a big fat military pension along with his deputy pay. He lost the election by exactly 80 votes to the Sheriff candidate selected by Driver/ rancher Wilson. This is democracy and judicial activism at its best! Deputy Filla quit or got fired the day that the new sheriff took over. Indicentally, Driver Wilson's successful candidate/ sheriff is NOT a cop! He is a civilian who will be in command of the local military - just like our Commander in Chief. After winning his case, defeating the incumbent sheriff, and getting the arresting officer to quit, Wilson then sued the arresting officer in federal court. Nice work, Driver Richard Wilson of Olathe, Kansas. The story is told in more detail Richard’s federal complaint: and

Link to the 5 page Opinion/ Ruling of Acquittal in Wilson’s Winning case from Kansas. and

Copy of the actual signed, file-stamped 5 page ruling on file at the court house:

More detailed chronology and list of documents and transcripts in chronological order: and

Picture of the ticket:

Transcript of hearing/ Motion to Suppress: and

2.            Jerry Charles Green of Eugene, Oregon won his drunk driving case without even making a court appearance: On February 4, 2008 Charles filed and served my motion #9053. Here are links to that winning motion: and . Thereafter, on March 5, 2008, the prosecutor elected to dismiss the case and filed a motion to dismiss. Charles did not even have to go to court!

3.            Forrest Bishop of Seattle Washington is my Star Litigator for 2005. Forrest won his case within 96 hours of submitting this dead bang winner motion: Here are links to all the motions in his case. He set up his computer next to mine and we worked on his case. I showed him how to create/ write/ publish/ upload his own website. Forrest is a real fast learner! Actually Forrest is the most intelligent person I know! Here is his website: Forrest had previously paid $2500 to Seattle drunk driving lawyer Eric J. Schurman (206) 264-2979 who did not know how to win this case! Eric James Schurman WSBA Bar # 28222 Admit Date 10/20/1998 Address 615 2nd Ave Ste 760 Seattle, WA 98104-2200. Phone (206) 264-2979 Fax (206) 587-0226. I called Attorney Schurman on 1/5/06. Schurman refuses to give Forrest his money back; now we must sue Eric. Back to the story: Forrest drove down to visit me in Ventura for several days around January 21, 2005. He did not want me to use the word “drive” due to the illegal suspension that Washington arguably imposed upon him. We won his case and his license would have had to be reinstated, but NO - how could it be reinstated if the putative suspension was illegal ab initio! It was never suspended! Incidentally, I have the same problem with the California state bar: no need for reinstatement; the suspension was illegal and void ab initio. A void act is void ab initio. Forrest had been falsely accused of drunk driving. They did this by using a vague and overbroad statute. Forrest is my 25th student litigator. Judge Chow told Forrest that Forrest writes scholarly briefs. Forrest’s father was a lawyer. Forrest carries with him the “Black’s Law Dictionary” that his father used. Forest got stopped by the police at 4 a.m. in the year 2004. He refused to take any tests. No field sobriety tests. Nothing. In fact, Forrest noticed that the pupils of the rookie cop were dilated. The cop wrote up the report about his own pupils being dilated. I was teaching Forrest to avoid a trial and appeal by doing his appellate work before trial. The statute is overbroad. Forrest had a cozy and expensive hotel room right smack on the beach. Forrest enjoyed his Ventura vacation. Some persons in my group located the name and citation for that 9th circuit case that I knew about. It says that driving on the line is NOT probable cause. It says that you can drive on the dividing lane. It uses the words “as much as practicable” to stay in your lane. This was a drug case. I read it recently. “Practicable” is the key word. That word appears also in the Washington statute regarding lane usage. Anyway I used that case and Forrest won his case. The winning brief is linked at the beginning of this paragraph.

4.            Ron Fox of Bay City, Michigan may be our Star Litigator for 2006. I hope so. Bay City is one of the 3 cities depicted in Fahrenheit 911. Ron filed his section 1983 case for redress against the police and lawyers who invaded his privacy and falsely imprisoned him. He filed on Wednesday, August 24, 2005. He filed an amended complaint on December 23, 2005. Here is the link to his case: . The pdf version is but you must click through the html version. The WordPerfect version is . The Ron Fox page is: Sex Offender registration. This guy is innocent on the underlying charges. Ron Fox from Bay City Michigan needs your support. Are you near Bay City? Ron is a nice guy and a good friend. Ron got out of jail around April 2004. As soon as he pleaded guilty they dropped his bail from $100,000 and cut him loose. They used the bail to extract a plea to avoid the expense of a police brutality case. Ron Fox continues to suffer police harassment. I must take time out soon to file his civil rights case.

                              His story is at this link: Ron Fox page:

Old news on the Ron Fox case. We finally got his original file from the case that dragged on for 2.5 years in 1995-97. Ron is innocent. The crime has an element of mental state. Ron was asleep when the alleged crime occurred. Here is the motion so far:

Feb 2, 2005 They had planned to auction off Ron’s house on Friday. I filed a Predatory Lending complaint and application for injunction. They would not file the complaint. Strange. See Ron’s page for links when I upload them.

Jan 2006. They are now threatening to sell Ron’s house for back taxes of $734. Ron will find money to pay the taxes.

Update 6 Jan 2006. Ron will be mailing out summonses today in his section 1983 case! This is an important moment for Ron!

5.            Theophilos Deligiannis. Anaheim, California won his last 3 cases. He is our star for 2004. I am so proud of this guy! In the style of Steve762, Theophilus refuses to testify against himself when the police stop him for a ticket. This method is not for sissies, because the police will be angry at you. Theophilos writes very well! He is now writing motions for other people! What a guy! It is people like Theophilos Deligiannis who inspire me to write these web pages. Theo, you da man! Theo’s most recent case was on January 7, 2005. Here is his winning motion: Theo has already filed one section 1983 case and is ready to file his second section 1983 case; that complaint is . Whoops, that is what we previously used for the link to his winning motion.

6.            Drunk driving from Napa, California, won by demurrer. Buzz is our 2003 Star Litigator! We sent a letter to the prosecutor in the beginning warning her that she made a mistake. This was the best case so far! Buzz did the research and won his case with my help. Here is how we won Buzz’s drunk driving case in Napa CA. We won before Buzz entered a not guilty plea. There is a lot to be learned from Buzz’s papers. Sleepin’ aint driving! This was a tasty win!

7.            In this case of Charlie Sprinkle from Ventura, California, we started off the case with a demand letter tot he newly elected prosecutor: . Charlie refuses to get a driver license. He won his case. Here is the brief that I wrote for him: and this one too: This case is the most complete case that I have in this group. This is an 11 month traffic case. We publish here many of Charlie’s transcripts. You will find them educational and entertaining. Charlie is 805 640 0439. He is a real nice guy and always glad to talk to you. It took him 11 months but he won his case. Here is his story:

                    His good transcripts. Read and learn how to act in court: and

8.            Theo’s 2nd section 1983 case. From Anaheim, California. They cannot tow your car until they show you the parking tickets: This complaint is downloadable in several editable formats for your convenience in suing the courts in your home town. Theo has a 3rd section 1983 case in the works for the judge who held his trial in absentia.

9.            Mike Andrus from Utah caught a local judge obstructing justice by hiding his notice of appeal. Now Mike is suing under RICO and sections 1983 and 1985.

10.          Very Aggressive Demurrer and Motion to Suppress Evidence in Highland, New York in July 2003.             

11.          A difficult right2drive case from Riverside, California : Cheryl Urbina, sister of Cyril, is getting good help from her brother Cyril Grosse. Incidentally they met Dax in court.

12.          Not my student but a serious Pro Se Litigator who was beat up by the cops in Riverside. As usual they want to get at least one count on him in order to attempt to preclude a section 1983 action: Dax’s story is here:

               Dax’s email is  

13.          Here are the papers that you need in order to win a California drug case. Jackie Blystone’s trumped up bogus drug case in Ventura, California. This pretty 38 year old mother of two wonderful kids is accused of possessing drugs for sale. Police filed the complaint 7 months late and they refuse to give her the police reports or any facts. The arraignment judge is a former FBI agent who went to law school and then became a prosecutor and now is a judge. Jackie would be grateful for your support. Sadly I fear that Jackie will lose. When I write her papers she does not even file them. She wants to ignore the work on her case. She is in court in Ventura. Sadly I fear that she may lose her case for failure appear at meetings and failure to cooperate. She took her trial notebook. She does nothing on it and she won’t give it back to me. Here is her story at this following link:

Jackie’s page is Jackie has now hired Fred Rogers to do her case. Fred will either make a deal or try the case. Either way he will not win. I had this case all set up to win. Fred’s telephone number is not listed with the bar and neither is his address. He has no email. He won’t file these winning motions. Update: Around January 29th 2005 Fred Rogers called me looking for Jackie. Obviously this was not about the case. Fred admitted that he pleaded guilty for Jackie. I was very disappointed. I worked for nearly a year on this case for no pay and then Fred pleaded her guilty. This is what I am talking about: bad lawyers! Lazy incompetent non-writing bad lawyers!

14.          Texas drug case. Jason Lisle from South East Texas near the Sabine River was innocent, caught up in a case where they did not even sign the search warrant. The affidavit is deficient. There was no probable cause. The magistrate is the brother of the sheriff. The link to his motions is This case is very winnable. The prosecution will not even give us a witness list unless we get an order from the judge. This court in Newton Texas holds court only 2 days per month! We can live with this. Jason and his Dad just want to get this over.

Update: Jason Won! On 17 Dec 2004, they went to court. I wrote 5 motions and a letter in this case. The judge and prosecutor made a point of saying that Lawyerdude was not from Texas and therefore could not appear. They were wrong. The judge never called them back to court. As of March, 2008, it has been over 3 years. The case just went away. Strange how that works. This young man was looking at some serious prison time until he took the bull by the horns. I filed some articulate motions and this boy won!

15.          Drake Ward of Lake Isabella, California. Drake filed a civil rights complaint naming Sheriff Deputy Newell. Thereafter, one of the police defendants retaliated against Drake by spying on Drake and then making a terrorist threat. This constitutes a federal crime of attempting to intimidate a witness. It is a predicate crime under the federal RICO statutes. As Drake says in his 1st amended complaint:

I was handcuffed in this district on Friday December 3, 2004 when Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy James Newell stuck a gun in my ribs and said in my ear: "I could blow you away right now and get away with it".

Here is Drake Ward’s civil rights complaint: Here is Here is Drake’s story:

16.          Very aggressive traffic motions. Here are some cutting edge aggressive demanding motions for ! Some are not linked. Call me of you can’t get to a motion that you want. I will upgrade. Steve762 lives in Davenport, Iowa. Here is his page: His motions are linked in his page in html format and pdf format. Remind me to post the remaining ones. Steve was winning and then got caught up with a bad man who lived with Steve and his mom. Steve got probation. He was released Dec 3 2004. His bail was previously $30,000 which is excess bail for a tiny bit of marijuana. He would welcome your letters and support. His email address is: Steve Bloomer’s telephone number is 563 323 4061. The key prosecution witness in Steve’s case committed suicide. Steve762 made a critical mistake by motioning for a speedy trial. He should have waived time and done his homework. He lost in a quick jury trial. His public defender, Gary Koos, did not even know that there was a key witness when I talked to him. Koos filed no motions. Steve has filed a notice of appeal.

17.          Unlawful detainer case: 2 September 2004. Richard and Tauni and 3 children. 5 year tenants in California. Rent is fully paid up. Unlawful detainer. Facing eviction by unpleasant wife of the son of the owner. I received their fax at midnight. I wrote overnight. I emailed their motion to them. They won their case within 12 hours of faxing me their information. See for yourself at:

18.           Robert Tillinghast, General Contractor, in wealthy Napa county, California, was being bullied by wealthy homeowners who thought that they had a monetary advantage in litigation - which they did until Robert started filing his own papers. As soon as Robert filed a cross complaint, they stopped their bluff and dismissed the case. Robert is a friend of the original Buzz whose cases are linked further on down this page.

19.          Inventor Robert Kelly got a speeding ticket in Weed, California. The cop was an affirmative action macho woman. The first words out of her mouth were “I have to feed my kids” which means that she herself knows that she is doing wrong. Robert showed her his “Kingdom of Heaven” driver license. Robert went to jail but they would not let him stay in jail. They released him with no bond but they had already taken his car. His motions:

20.          Inventor Robert Kelly continues to fight his patent case against the unpunished thief Joe Wortsmith in Little Rock, Arkansas and Ryobi in Anderson South Carolina. His patented device is the Craftsman saw with the red laser light showing where the cut will be made - made by Ryobi for Sears. So far $6 million in patent royalties have been diverted to patent infringers, primarily Ryobi, Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes. Robert has only been paid $50,000 in all these years since his invention his the stores in the year 2001. Makes a great Christmas gift! This hard working successful inventor has 4 patents to his name and more in the works. We have learned so much about corruption in patent law - from the beginning. Here is link to Fulton’s folly case showing early corruption and greed: The famous Lawyer Melvin Belli warned me of “perfidy and greed” in a Christmas card one year. It is one of my most prized possessions. Inventor Robert’s patent story is at the following link:

21.          Tom Peace lives amongst the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. God bless the Amish. They have won many rights from us. Here is my Amish page: with links to other Amish pages. Tom’s page will be

22.          Paul Staples is 2. For 2 on his traffic tickets. He has 3 more to work on. He won his recent speeding ticket on 4 October 2004. He got a ticket where the 94 splits off from the 43 in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. He won his 2nd ticket in Fond du Lac. Paul gets tickets because there is pressure on truckers to drive at the normal speed. Truckers drive 75 mile per hour legally in the western states. By comparison the corrupt mid western states prey off truckers in order to support their scumbag cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, etc. These big cities are full of unproductive people - some with parasitic government jobs. The speed limit for trucks on most of the highways is 55 - compared to 75 for the same truck on a worse road in a western state. In this particular case Paul was driving his car.

                           Paul’s Big fat winning brief:

23.          10 August 2004: Cherie from Oklahoma won her case. The judge told her that she is a “lawyer in disguise”. She wrote her own motions - and they won. Her story and her winning motions are at:

Cherie’s page:

24.          Vman won his traffic case in Peshtigo, Wisconsin.

                           Here is winning motion that Vman wrote:

25.          Mike Beiser from Minnesota has his motions coming up soon. His page will be

26.          71 year old Mennonite farmer Bill Hoster from Pennsylvania will be asking the court to enjoin the police from inquiring about his driver license. Bill and I talk farming. He speaks Pennsylvania Dutch. He was raised by Mennonites. They are much like the Amish. Bill traded one of his bulls for a used tractor. Bill’s petition is at News. Bill, age 71, rolled over on his tractor and broke his hip in August 2004. He is just getting better now.

27.          Theophilus Deligiannis of California will be suing the cop who took his bar after writing him a bogus ticket - as soon as I can finish the complaint.

28.          Pearliss from North Dakota is on again/ off again with her traffic ticket litigation. Her motions in her case are at the Pearliss page which is

29.          I don’t know what is the status of Russell Magarity of Wyoming. He was litigating on his speeding ticket. They have court in Rawlins, Wyoming and a very interesting decommissioned prison! I toured the prison. The law is different there. A step back in time. Rawlins is on route 80. Stop and take the prison tour! I loved it! I sat on the gas chamber!

30.          There is another Theo, sorta. Teodor Marian has been fighting police oppression in Ventura California. He has many motions. I have not posted them yet. Here is his page: Teodor is from Romania. Theo is a Luddite.

Luddite noun.

1. Any of a group of British workers who between 1811 and 1816 rioted and destroyed laborsaving textile machinery in the belief that such machinery would diminish employment.

2. One who opposes technical or technological change. [After Ned Ludd, an English laborer who was supposed to have destroyed weaving machinery around 1779.]

                           Luddism n.

Teodor won’t hook up to the internet. He only recently could be convinced to use a computer. At first he only used it to print lined paper. Then he put the lined paper in his typewriter. He works manual labor almost every day of the week including Sundays if the work is available. I created a Yahoo group for him.

His address is there:

31.          Our totalitarian government has by stealthy encroachment taken away our most basic rights. It sells them back to us as driver licenses and permits to erect a sign I refer to Bill Munroe’s sign in Michigan. Bill’s site is You can see his sign there. Bill did not have a permit to erect this sign. The city does not like Bill’s erection. It is a sad day in American when you need a permit for such a small erection. : - O

32.          Before I met Charlie I was losing all my traffic ticket cases. My own traffic cases that I lost led to my disbarment by trick. This is where I learned that the system does not work automatically. You have to work it. The bar said that my having driven on a suspended license demonstrated lack of respect for the law. Ha! It demonstrated that the DMV counted the points double by mistake and it demonstrated that even though I wrote a good brief, the court simply ignored it while I sat in jail for 11 months. This was a learning experience. Here is a motion that summarizes my traffic case: Disbarment by trickery: There were 2 disbarments nearly simultaneously.


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Lesson #30: Don’t send my chronology back to me.

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2.            Medley of cases defining your 6th amendment right to effective assistance of counsel - appointed if necessary.

Lilburne enjoyed the benefit of appointed counsel in 1648 and got money for his damages.

The Scottsboro Boys (1932):

More of that story here:

Griffin v Illinois (1956) :

Gideon v Wainwright (1963)

Argersinger (1972)

Alabama v Shelton (2002) by putting Pearl in jail one hour they violated established law:

This Shelton case at Findlaw is:

Pearl's Motion in North Dakota court: l

3.            Medley of cases regarding your Faretta right to speak for yourself and the standards for performance of the public defender.


Here is what to demand from public defenders:

4.            Medley of cases defining your right to a free transcript if you can’t afford to pay:

Griffin et. al. v Illinois (1956) 100 L Ed 891, 351 US 12, 79 S Ct 585, 55 ALR2d 1055. You have a right to a lawyer and transcript free for your first appeal.

M. L. B. v. S. L. J., individually and as next friend of the minor children, S. L. (1996) 519 US 102; 117 S Ct 555; 136 L Ed2d 473 You have a right to free transcript in important civil case.

5.            Link to Medley of 143 cases that define Criminal Procedure in the United States:



The Steve762 method.

            Steve has more yards per carry than any other player. He is now at the goal line waiting to talk to the jury about giving him a serious money award against the police who violated Steve’s right to remain silent.

A traffic ticket works because the police fail to give you a Miranda warning and then they question you and use your evidence against you. It is the Inquisitional method as distinguished from the Adversarial method. The former is illegal - a vestige of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Steve762 plan goes something like this:

Say nothing when stopped. Most people don’t have the courage to do this. Steve762 had the courage to do it! He won.

Say nothing when booked. Most people can’t bear to go without sleep without being booked. Do it and sue later.

See if you will be released on your own recognizance.

In out of state cases do not post bail because they will keep it.

Call me or some counsel or have your family do it.

At arraignment ask for a 4 week continuance to consult with me or counsel of your choice.

Make your demands in writing. Here is a sample:

Write a demurrer and other motions before arraignment.

Make a written demand for all your rights: jury trial, court reporter, appointed effective assistance of counsel, transcript of all proceedings immediately, no commissioner, etc.

List every motion number on every subsequent motion.

List concurrent demands in every other motion.

Appeal adverse ruling by interlocutory motion.

File papers.

Be persistent.


Defenses for specific tickets:

Defenses for against police Roadblocks:

See Edmond case here. Driver won.: .

See the Illinois case of People v. Fullwiley. The driver won. 304 Ill.App.3d 44, 710 N.E.2d 491, 237 Ill.Dec. 861 (Ill.App. 04/19/1999)

There is a Supreme Court case that permits roadblocks for drunk drivers: See the Edmond case above. It is discussed in that case.

Red light defense. They are cheating by shortening the yellow duration now!: Here is the defense: The law asks us to predict when the red light will come based on the yellow light. The law may expect reasonable predictions but it may not penalize us for inability to predict a system in exclusive control of them. In particular, the city engineers have, I suspect, over the years shortened up the time. Generally there is a 3 second yellow and then 3 seconds between the beginning of the red and the beginning of the green in cross traffic. There is a lot to work with there.

Ticket by camera: You cannot cross examine a camera. Therefore you are denied your 6th amendment right to cross examine. A camera cannot say if there was a fire truck following you. (I heard a young woman explain in court that a fire truck was following her. The judge dismissed her case! I could not believe it - but who is gonna dispute her! I suspect that she has a lawyer friend) There is a lot to work with there.

There is a nationwide uprising against tickets by cameras. There is a lawyer in San Diego who a case and now specializes in these camera cases. 

Jury instructions:            We did not get that far yet. You will need to write your own jury instructions. I can write them or show you how to write them. Call me and I will post a page about how to write jury instructions.


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Links for your Empowerment! Self help Litigation forms, instructions, cases, and samples.

1.            Here, take a peak at first 13 pages of my $39 book: You can use your credit or debit card to buy it at this link: Over 156 jam packed 8.5 x 11 pages and growing. Sent by priority mail.

2.            My twenty fundamental lessons:

3.            My Flow Chart including links to a dozen proven winning motions:

4.            How to Win! Getting started:

5.            Motions 101. How to write and file and serve a motion:

6.            Over 100 actual winning motions from 22 winning pro se litigators !

7.            What has been newly posted by Lawyerdude:

8.            My Demurrer page: Perfect record so far:

9.            Briefs 101. How to write a Memorandum of Law:

10.          Lawyerdude’s Empowerment page:

11.          What performance you should expect from your criminal defense counsel:

12.          Your litigation rights page. Learn your litigation rights!

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14.          Learn the law ! Links to the 143 cases that define criminal procedure:

15.          Eighteen actual Section 1983 federal complaints:

16.          List of the 30 most important criminal court motions. They are listed in Lawyerdude’s Bill of Rights for Criminal Defendants in jail. This is my New Standard by which to measure effectiveness of counsel. Make your appointed lawyer toe the line:

17.          Courtroom assertiveness 101: How to be assertive in court. Scripts for the Pro Se litigant:


18.          Were you strip searched? Sue em! Do they do a strip search anus check every time you go to the law library? Did your jail not have a law library?

19.          List of the most quotable cases and the most useful web pages for the pro se Litigator:

20.          Your case summary and trial notebook form:

All about Lawyerdude Palaschak

21.          List of my 200 most popular web pages according to Google.

22.          My winning argument regarding the 1st amendment where I argued the Law to the jury without interruption:

23.          Raid at the Good Nite Inn based on mistake of law by District Attorney:

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